Dr. Jeanette Jones
Owner, Physical Therapist, and Lead Massage Therapist

Jeanette Jones specializes in a blend of deep pressure, Swedish, and an overall intuition for what your body needs that day. She promises you will walk away feeling rejuvenated and realigned. Jeanette is also a doctor of physical therapy. Her time as a physical therapist and massage therapist prove to be mutually beneficial to each other, which allows her to better treat you. When not at Blue Iris Therapy, you might catch her performing improv at one of many theaters around town or playing with her two dogs, Sammy and Reynolds.
Justin DavisJustin Davis
Marketing and Technology Manager

Justin Davis comes up with the words, images, and the many ways Blue Iris Therapy sends those words and images out into the world. He has worked in marketing and digital publishing in different capacities for a decade, along with having been an English teacher and editor-in-chief of a popular tech blog. When not getting the word out about Blue Iris Therapy and the benefits of massage, he's usually reading, writing, performing improv—often with Jeanette Jones as half of their improv duo Je Ju—or also playing with Sammy and Reynolds.