We’ve Got Your Back

Receive a rejuvenating, calming massage when you visit Blue Iris Therapy or have us come to your company or organization. Each massage begins with open-ended communication so you and the massage therapist can voice what’s needed and expected out of the session. We then adapt massages to fit your specific needs and preferences. Call 512-774-4177 or write us to schedule an appointment. Fully relax with the knowledge that we have your overall well-being in mind.

Do you want to be another face in the crowd?

Or do you want to be treated by a massage therapist who intently listens and knows if you need a subtle touch or firm pressure to alleviate your pains and release tension?

Swedish, deep-tissue, prenatal, sports, and customizable massage services await you when you schedule a visit by a Blue Iris Therapy massage therapist. Whether you need long-term care to repair damaged muscles or simply wish to unwind from a stressful day, we have your back.

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